Using Trail Cameras to study Wildlife Behavior, Janet Pesaturo, Nov 13, 2019

Using Trail Cameras from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

Insects in Decline in Maine?, Sarah Haggerty, 10/9/2019

Insects in Decline in Maine? from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

Through A Lense: The Fine Art of Bird Photography, Nick Leadley, 9/11/19

Bird Photography from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

Seaweed Chronicles, Susan Hand Shetterly, 5/8/19

Seaweed Chronicles from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

Weasels of Maine, Shevenell Webb, 4/10/2019

Weasels of Maine from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

Migration Patterns of our Maine Birds, Herb Wilson, 3/13/2019

Spring Arrival Maine Migratory Breeding Birds from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

Our Forests in Maine – threats; Also Fighting Wildfires in the West, Patty Cormier, 11/14/18

Patty Cormier Forest Pests and Fires Out West from Burt Knapp on Vimeo.

The sobering truth about our disappearing amphibians, Matt Chatfield, 10/10/18

Endangered Sea Gulls, Prof. Noah Pelut UNE, 9/12/18

Birding in Maine, Ron Joseph, Retired IF&W biologist, 5/9/18

The Maine Bird Atlas, Doug Hitchcox, Maine Audubon Naturalist, 4/18/18

Beavers – Presentation by Chuck Hulsey, Maine IF&W, 4/11/18

Ecology of small dam removal in Maine, 11/15/2017

Lessons from Avian Haven, Wild Bird Rehab Ctr 10/11/17

Amphibians and Reptiles Native to Maine 9/13/17

Wind Over Wings 5/10/17

Climate Change in the Gulf of Maine 4/12/17

Native Plants 3/8/17

Recycling in Maine, 11/16/16

Bumble Bees, 10/12/16

Bogs and Fens, 9/14/16

Bringing Nature Home, May 2016

Herons and Cranes of Maine, Danielle D’Auria, 4/13/16

Susan Smith on “The Secret World of the Black-Capped Chickadee” 3/9/16

Black Capped Chickadee from MBTV on Vimeo.

Susan Schubel on “Maine Coast Seabird Conservation” 11/4/15

“Maine Coast Seabird Conservation” from MBTV on Vimeo.

Paul Christman on “Atlantic Salmon – Life History” 10/14/15

“Atlantic Salmon – Life History” from MBTV on Vimeo.

Nancy Prentiss, UMF Biologist on “Marine Worms” 9/9/15

“Marine Worms” from MBTV on Vimeo.

Mark McCollough “Canada Lynx” 5/13/15

Mark McCollough “Canada Lynx” 5/13/15 from MBTV on Vimeo.

Louis Bevier, “The Sparrows of Maine”, 04/08/15

Louis Bevier, “The Sparrows of Maine”, 04/08/15 from MBTV on Vimeo.

Doug Hitchcox, E-Birding, 3/18/15

Doug Hitchcox, E-Birding, 3/18/15 from MBTV on Vimeo.

Ron Joseph, Climate Change and effects on …

Ron Joseph, Climate Change and effects on Maine’s wildlife, 3/11/15 from MBTV on Vimeo.


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