Events & Programs

  • October
  • Insects in Decline in Maine?
    • Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019 7:00pm – 8:30pm
    • Location: Thomas Auditorium, Preble Hall, UMF
    • Sarah Haggerty

    Several studies in recent years have documented significant declines in insect populations in various parts of the world (Hallmann et al. 2017, Lister & Garcia 2018, and Sanchez-Bayo & Wyckhuys 2019). If this phenomenon is widespread it could have important cascading impacts on ecosystem function. Maine Audubon, Maine Entomological Society, and MDIFW are interested in potentially exploring this question by compiling and examining existing data on insect populations in Maine

    The project is in the introductory stage, but we have received a great deal of interest already, and I look forward to sharing some insights with you in October.
    Sarah Haggerty is a Conservation Biologist/GIS Manager for Maine Audubon in Falmouth.

  • November
  • Using Trail Cameras to Study Wildlife Behavior
    • Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019 7:00pm – 8:30pm
    • Location: Thomas Auditorium, Preble Hall, UMF
    • Janet Pesaturo

    This one-hour talk followed by book sale and signing, will introduce trail cameras – how they work and how to set them up – and then discuss smart camera placement so that you too can capture photos and videos that reveal the secret habits of animals.. Anyone with curiosity, persistence, and an inexpensive trail camera can study cutting edge animal behavior topics.

    With a master’s degree in conservation biology and a Level III CyberTracker certificate, Janet Pesaturo teaches wildlife tracking and camera trapping at Winterberry Wildlife in Massachusetts. She is the author of “Camera Trapping Guide: Tracks, Sign and Behavior of Eastern Wildlife” and chronicles her nature discoveries and adventures in a blog at She manages the popular Facebook group “Trail Camera Photos and Videos” where anyone can share their own material or simply follow along and enjoy other postings.