Nightjars in Maine

  • Wednesday, May 13, 2020 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • C23 - Roberts Learning Center - UMF
  • Free
  • Logan Parker

Logan Parker is an assistant ecologist and founder of the Maine Nightjar Monitoring Project. This statewide citizen science project is collecting observations of whip-poor-wills, nighthawks, and other nocturnal birds, some of which are facing widespread declines.

Attendees will learn about the natural history of Maine’s nightjars, cryptic and nocturnal birds that are more likely to be heard than seen, and the efforts involved in monitoring these fascinating birds throughout the state, from Eliot to Calais, Kennebunk to Baxter State Park. The project is currently recruiting volunteers to adopt monitoring routes or simply make observations of nightjars in your own backyard.

Logan Parker is an assistant ecologist residing with his wife in their off- grid cabin in the woods of Central Maine. Logan, a life-long Mainer, earned his Master’s Degree from Unity College where he studied Sustainable Natural Resource Management with a focus on biodiversity conservation. He is a birder, naturalist, writer, and wildlife photographer. Logan is also currently working to support the 2nd generation of the Maine Bird Atlas as a Special Species and Habitat Technician, conducting nocturnal, alpine, and winter bird surveys. He is also an ecologist for the Maine Natural History Observatory.

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