Migration of Maine’s Birds

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  • Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019 7:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Roberts Learning Center, C23, UMF Farmington
  • Open and free to all
  • All ages
  • Herb Wilson

Patterns of Fall Departure and Spring Arrival Dates of Maine Migratory Breeding Birds: A Citizen-Science Project
With the aid of over 400 birders across the state, I coordinated a program to track the arrivals of 109 species of Maine migratory breeding birds from 1994 through 2017. I examine location, spring-time temperatures and broader climate variables on the year-to-year variation in arrivals. Using eBird data, I examined the fall departure dates for the same species, testing for latitidunal variation in autumn departures.

Herb Wilson is a Professor of Biology at Colby College where he teaches Ornithology, Evolution and Diversity, Marine Ecology and Marine Invertebrate Zoology. His primary research interests the impacts of global climate change on bird migration and the foraging behavior of winter birds in Maine.

Contact: Nancy Knapp - 2077786285